Guasha: treatment

For the treatment a special guasha-oil is applied on the skin. The oil is used both as protection, to not damage the skin as well as for its ingredients. This guasha-oil consists of several Chinese herbs. Each herb has its own effect (relaxing, detoxification, warming, etc.) It is not possible to use just any oil, because other oils could contain components that can cause wrong reactions in the body.


In the past in countries such as Cambodja, Laos etc., people often used water, vegetable oils, juices and even wine.

On the spots where the oil is applied, the therapist starts “scraping” with a special scraper This craper is made from jade, horn or metal. The skin becomes red because of the scraping and in the areas where there are blockades (waste material), bruises appear (sha) in the skin (not on the skin) varying from deep red to purple. From the colour of the sha’s it is possible to see if it is a recent or chronic stagnation. The darker the spot, the more chronic it is. The colour can vary from light red to dark red, but can also be blue, purple and even black. With a normal condition the red marks disappear completely within 3 to 7 days.

When a person is treated more often with guasha, they get less red marks, which indicates that the body is becoming healthier again.
The scraping in combination with the effect of the oil causes the body to detoxicate. Therefore it is advised to drink extra water afterwards!!

Guasha can be applied for more than 400 complaints/illnesses. Both as prevention as well as a means to truly cure a complaint of relieve an illness.

The list of complaints/illnesses that can be treated with Guasha is too long to describe here but consists amongst others of:
• All pain syndromes
• Neck- and shoulder complaints
• Headaches and migraine
• Backaches
• Stress, Burn-out
• Rheumatic complaints
• Asthma
• Digestive disturbances
• Metabolism disturbances
• High blood pressure
• Chronic fatigue

As we have seen guasha is mostly applied for physical complaints and by applying this technique physical blockades are lifted, causing the body to revitalize.
Our body becomes more vital again with a better flow of blood and energy, because the waste-material is cleaned up. Our nervous system can also start functioning better.

And because of the better flow of blood and energy and the improved function of the nervous system, our entire body revitalizes, including the mental/psychical part. Guasha also causes some sort of tingling sensation with mental/psychical blockades, through which a type of self reflection is stimulated, that causes awakening.